SpringBoard Safety Services (Health and Safety Training and Safety Consultancy)
Project Planning for Managers & Supervisors
The training can be delivered in three ways. A one day basic awareness A two day session covering the some of key tools & methods - accredited at level 3. Training during help with implementation of a bespoke lean programme. Prices are from £470+vat per day for up to 8 people. Please call for a quote today
No one can manage everything, do everything or plan everything. A tallented manager can deal with alot of issues but often the “devil is in the detail” as the saying goes. If the detail is or has to be left to others are they then in a position to let the side down. Some individuals are born planners, others unfortunately are not and have the wits to deal with most things when things inevitably go wrong. Fail to Plan is Planning to Fail. Can your company afford for things to go wrong when they could have gone right!