SpringBoard Safety Services (Health and Safety Training and Safety Consultancy)
Asbestos Awareness Training
Exposure to asbestos fibres can lead to long term ill health and in the worst case death, if you or your employees work results in working with or contact with asbestos materials you are statutory required to train those employees. Via our associates A&H Safety Consultants Limited we can offer Asbestos Awareness training that is accredited by the UK Asbestos Training Association (Trainer Number UK0376A)
Just a few place where you can find asbestos: Asbestos Cement Textured Coating Floor Tiles AIB Lagging Just a few reasons to train your staff: mesothelioma (which is always fatal) lung cancer (almost always fatal) asbestosis (not always fatal, but it can be very debilitating) Here’s a few more reasons: Increased awareness can prevent exposure ITS A LEGAL DUTY!