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SpringBoard Safety Services - Passionate about Safety Specialists   in   behavioural   safety   and   industrial   machine   safety,   and   offering   a   comprehensive   range of   sensible   health   &   safety   solutions   and   a   variety   of   safety   training   to   industry   and   the   Healthcare Sector. SpringBoard Safety Services can help your company move forward in so many ways! Specialising   in   behavioural   safety   industrial   machine   safety   and   healthcare   train-the-trainer   courses, SpringBoard   Safety   Services   offer   our   clients   a   wide   range   of   services   and   training   tailored   to   meet their needs not ours. Most   companies   will   at   some   point   find   themselves   in   need   of   assistance   when   it   comes   to   health   & safety, such as: Needing   a   safety   professional   but   not   being   large   enough   to   justify   a   full-time   person   or   wanting   to improve but not having the resources or skills to do it on their own. OHSAS 18001 perhaps? Having problems with the HSE - not knowing what to do. From   small   companies   to   international   multi-site   operations   -   they   all   need   help.   Sometimes   it's   just for   a   specific   task   or   perhaps   to   work   along   side   their   own   safety   professionals   on   a   short   term   or long term basis.
SpringBoard Safety Services believes in helping companies with workable, practical and realistic solutions.
Lynn Mohan, Director of SpringBoard Safety Services, Newton Ayciffle, Darlington, County Durham Keith Humphreys. Director of SpringBoard Safety Services (Health and Safety Training and Safety Consultancy)
Director Lynn Mohan
Director Keith Humphreys
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