SpringBoard Safety Services (Health and Safety Training and Safety Consultancy)
Lean Manufacturing & Lean Administration
The training can be delivered in three ways. A one day basic awareness A two day session covering the some of key tools & methods - accredited at level 3. Training during help with implementation of a bespoke lean programme. Prices are from £470+vat per day for up to 8 people. Please call for a quote today
Most companies waste resources; not just material but time and effort, handling parts many times, paperwork needlessly pushed from one desk to another. Lean manufacturing can work for any company, but until now the costs have been prohibitive for many. The training is designed to be a kick - start into helping a company help itself - cost effectively. The training identifies some methods that can be adopted to help achieve those aims. It also identifies some of the barriers that should be expected and dealt with, that otherwise will restrict the practical implementation of your lean programme.