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Behavioural Safety – What is it? Why Should I use it? ROSPA state that 85% of all workplace accidents involve a behavioural safety element. By tackling that issue you are actively influencing the values and beliefs of your workforce. Behavioural safety is really people-based safety, and once it has become part of the culture it can reduce the potential for injuries by invoking employee’s personal responsibilities to health and safety. While changing the culture can take time, changes are often seen even before the training is completed. This proactive approach provides a positive message to your workforce and develops employee engagement and so permits a sustainable safety improvement culture. Our customer specific programme developed and delivered by our experienced coaches will through highly interactive training encourage a change of cultural mindset resulting in a positive safety attitude. Our training, using real life experiences, gives practical solutions for a wide variety of workplace problems. This develops an understanding of how to address difficult everyday challenges that the delegates may encounter. This gives the line managers and supervisors important shop-floor skills thereby adding value and so pays dividends not only in safety but in other business critical functions. To create a successful cultural change requires committed safety management at all levels in the business. Our cost effective training will help you with safety leadership development, and to make an embedded behavioural safety culture in your organisation a reality. Copyright of SpringBoard Safety Services – January 2010 www.springboardsafetyservices.com mail@springboardsafetyservices.com
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Behavioural Safety